Vm Ig Li
Brand Identity

Arete is a Nashville-based health and lifestyle company that offers a range of in-office and concierge intravenous services tailored to individual needs alongside assisting in overall health promotion to treat an array of dehydration-based ailments. With an eclectic A-list clientele, the company requested a new brand identity that would elevate the business into a luxury cosmetic realm, leveraging them above the typical aesthetic of health and fitness products.  

By delving deeper into the brand product offering we were able to explore narratives and visual stimuli that would ultimately lead us to the concept around a clean, contemporary colour palette and a refreshing new identity. 

A simple and sophisticated new abstract brand identity – featuring both a new logo, iconography and typography – was crafted and inspired by the core company offering of IV drips. The drip detailing of the all-new ‘A’ logo and word mark serves as guidance and inspiration behind the brand’s refreshing new identity.  

The new identity translated seamlessly across a comprehensive suite of new products, stationery, including business cards, advertising campaigns, brochure design and marketing materials. 

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